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Hotel Baia delle Sirene



This is not just like any place in the world. Baia delle Sirene is a place suspended between water and sky, filled with light and fragrances. It is an oasis of peace and quiet, full of wonder and enchantment. Wrapped  in the green fragrance of our Mediterranean vegetation. Baia delle Sirene opens up to the magnificent scenario of the city of Taormina, one of Italy’s most beautiful coastlines.The hotel, prior  an ancient villa, has skilfully preserved the magic of the past. Located a few steps away from those places that have inspired many great travellers and poets from all over the world, Baia delle Sirene is a place of true emotions. Emotions that you will never forget.



Baia delle Sirene (Mermaid Bay) is surely a natural paradise: a spectacular landscape, a romantic scene. A large garden, rich of vegetation embraces the hotel; colours, the scent of orange blossom and oleanders  emanates serenity.
To sip a drink sitting in the gazebo’s quiet atmosphere, conversing with friends in the bar on the panoramic terrace or to reach the sea (through a private passage way in our garden) to then dive into the Mediterranean’s crystal water is the best way to enjoy a holiday!!!!!!!!!



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Summer or winter, night or day, sunshine or rain. Baia delle Sirene portrays the season of enchantment. In every moment!
An intense synthesis of a wonderful Taormina, scenery of astonishing spendour, radiant, magnificent, the ultimate.
With its direct access to the seaside, being here, means experiencing it personally, discovering it, loving it, in all its shades and colours. Baia delle Sirene seems a magnetic painting, to admire every moment,

to engrave into your heart...